6 Best Facebook Phone Concept Designs

Few time back there was rumour that Facebook is going to launch there mobile phone. But recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied the rumour. Although many users wished to have facebook smartphone. There were few facebook concept phones which were also released on how facebook phone should look like.In this post I will showcase some […]

Concept Facebook Phone

The rumor of a Facebook or myspace mobile cellphone, a mobile cellphone completely made around social networking massive is a never-ending story. The amount of gossip which individuals have come up with behind the Facebook or myspace mobile cellphone is absurd. Some individuals strongly believe there will be one, while others are very doubtful. Facebook […]

Creature Character Designs By Pearleden

Here are examples of Pearledeny Official art and Concept art of creature/character designs. Yet a lot more unique designs have to come but Pearleden never seems to find the time to finish and publish them. And some Pearleden unable to publish online due to some agreements. hit jump to see more…

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