30+ Awesome Digital Art Concept Mohammed Z. Mukhtar

Mohammed Z. Mukhtar is an idea specialist who currently has set his root in Blackpool, United Kingdom. His places of skills lie in the area of Personality Style – Ecological idea art – Automobile design – Texturing. Currently, Mohammed Z is an independent specialist and amazingly not appointed by any games organization, considering how well enhanced […]

Avengers Fingers Art

We all know characters (The Avengers). When I saw the film with my buddies, the phrase hands trapped in my thoughts (The Avengers = The Fingers). By this term I made the decision to demonstrate our characters by means of hands.

Greatest 3D Art By Batatalion

The battalion is the greatest from Israel.  Battalion’s favorite genre music is Heavy Metal/Folk, favorite game Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and favorite gaming platform PS1, PS2 PS3. Hit jump to see more…

Naruto Shippuden Art By Nocturnalmoth

Nocturnalmoth admits that he is a huge Naruto Shippuden fan…And it was this fandom that made Nocturnalmoth start drawing humans. Nocturnalmoth favorite characters are Gaara and Rock Lee (as you can see), Naruto and Shikamaru (as well as Hayate but he died. Hit jump to see more…

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