Realistic Angry Birds Illustrations by Sam Spratt

New York artist Sam Spratt created a brilliant realistic series of commissioned Angry Birds illustrations for Rovio a while back and currently, four of his designs (Red Bird, King Pig, Black Bird, and Yellow Bird) have been released to the public. Shirts featuring each character are available to purchase from the Angry Birds online shop.

35 Free Fonts For Professional Designers

EXO As a web developer, we all almost all use print styles both top quality and no cost print styles. It’s significant in order to alter our typeface list on a normal base. For this, we need Free Fonts. Maintaining in your mind the actual growing need for different types of print styles, we all […]

30+ Awesome HD Wallpapers

In this post, I will be displaying you some most awesome 30+ HD/Widescreen wallpapers. They may be of different category of arriving from the same category, but I will be trying my best to demonstrate you some 30 awesome picture from different styles – fantasy, abstract, Sci-FI, vectors, etc.

15+ Free Professional Fonts

Archive Free Font In this post, we have included some of the professional and awesome looking fonts. Download immediately and begin using them in your next style.

30+ Awesome Digital Art Concept Mohammed Z. Mukhtar

Mohammed Z. Mukhtar is an idea specialist who currently has set his root in Blackpool, United Kingdom. His places of skills lie in the area of Personality Style – Ecological idea art – Automobile design – Texturing. Currently, Mohammed Z is an independent specialist and amazingly not appointed by any games organization, considering how well enhanced […]

6 Best Facebook Phone Concept Designs

Few time back there was rumour that Facebook is going to launch there mobile phone. But recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied the rumour. Although many users wished to have facebook smartphone. There were few facebook concept phones which were also released on how facebook phone should look like.In this post I will showcase some […]

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